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Rubber Strap Care

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Clean your Watch & Make It Shine Beautifully

WristClean's Watch Cleaner - Watch Spray - is an easy to use watch cleaner for the exterior of your wristwatch - case, crystal, bracelet, and/or rubber strap. It's also safe for other non-metal surfaces, such as ceramic and AR coated sapphire crystals. Available in either foam or spray, it's "optimally balance-blended" formula achieves the right ratio between gentleness and effectiveness. Remove impurities and restore the brilliance in your factory finish, film-free!

Essentials for Watch Cleaning

These high-quality products will make cleaning your watches and keeping them like-new.

Watch Spray Foam 50ML & 4oz Refill Bottle

Our kit includes Watch Spray - our watch cleaner for the exterior of your wristwatch - case, crystal, bracelet, rubber strap. Included is our 50ML foam bottle, as well as a 4oz Refill bottle.

Super-soft Watch Brush to Clean Difficult Areas of your Watch Case and/or Bracelet

A Super-soft Watch Brush is included to help you clean difficult to clean areas, such as crevices of the watch case and/or bracelet, areas of a rubber strap (for example, in between letters of a brand name, etc.). We included a plastic, see-through tube for storing your watch brush as well.

Super-Ultra Daily & Super-Ultra Drying Microfiber Cloths

WristClean microfiber is some of the best in the world. Our cloths are premium quality and the second you feel them, you can see the difference! We include an Ultra-Drying Cloth for drying and absorbing water, as well as our Ultra-Daily Cloth to use for moderate maintenance.

Simple to Use Instructions - How to Clean Your Watch

Follow these instructions below to restore natural brilliance to your factory finish of your watch.

Spray or Foam your Watch

Spray or foam the exterior of your water-resistant watch or microfiber first. Foamy sudds act as a "wet lubricant." Ensure Watch Spray is generously applied to the case, crystal, bracelet, or rubber strap. (This step is pivotal prior to using a brush or microfiber to avoid scratching/micro-marring on highly polished surfaces.)

Use your Fingers or Super-soft Brush

Use your fingers to gently massage the exterior of your wristwatch. To clean crevices or hard to reach areas, use the Super-soft Watch Brush. (Make sure to wet the brush prior to use with either Watch Spray or water. This will also reduce the change or causing any scratches or micro-marring from dragging particles across highly-polished surfaces.)

Drying with Ultra-Drying or Ultra-Daily Microfiber Cloth

Rinsing with water is optional and unnecessary, however preferred to rinse away impurities emulsified by Watch Spray. Use an Ultra-Drying Watch Cloth or Ultra-Daily Watch Cloth to absorb liquid from the watch surface and to dry the majority of the watch. Follow by using an Ultra-Daily Cloth to absorb remaining liquid and to wipe clean your watch's surface.