Authentic Watch Cleaner

Watch cleaner was designed to rid the exterior of your watch of impurities, often accumulated from your skin and the environment or activity the watch is worn (e.g. salt-water). Your skin secrets oils and salts that accumulate in your watch crevices (case and/or bracelet or strap).  When not cleaned properly, these impurities can build up over time causing harm or further wear to the watch itself. 

WristClean’s watch cleaner gently emulsifies these impurities from your watch surfaces gently, restoring a clean factory finish.  Its formula was designed to be gentler on waterproof gaskets (pH-balanced, water-based) and leave a no-film finish.  It is optimally “balance-blended” to achieve the ideal ratio between effectiveness and gentleness.  Void of harsh chemicals – naphtha (a flammable petroleum product), solvents, alkaline chemicals, chlorine, and heavy metals.

To the contrary:

  • generic cleaners are too harsh for the unique needs of watches and gels prolong unnecessary exposure to waterproof gaskets. 

  • Plant-based formulas can leave a "tacky" feel to watch surfaces and are not as smooth as water-based formulations. 

WristClean’s watch cleaner is safe for all metals (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, stainless steel, rhodium, platinum, titanium, etc.), safe on all crystals (sapphire, acrylic, non-reflective coatings), and safe for all Non-Metal Surfaces (vulcanized rubber, FKM, silicon, ceramic).