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"I have worn a number of Rolex watches and I cleaned each one of them with WristClean's Watch Spray because it is the only safe cleaner that cleans stainless steel to the point where the watch looks practically new.  WristClean products are essential for any watch wearer.  My WristClean review page is one of the most visited pages at because everyone wants to know how to clean a watch and the answer is with Watch Spray." -Sheldon Smith, Founder of


"Great company.  Great product.  Great owner.  I learned about WristClean/VERAET many years ago via the Rolex Forums.  I have since come to love the company for their product, but they also have a great captain behind the helm.  If you have any sort of decent watch, try their cleaning products.  I have no idea how the stuff works so well."-Brandon, Watch Enthusiast

"I truly believe WristClean products are fantastic!  I still use them on my Rolex twice a month and now my wife and daughter also it on their jewelry and it works wonders.  One bottle lasts a very long time, which makes the product very cheap too!!" -Patrick, Owner of Body Action, New Caledonia

"A few years back, a friend suggested I take a look at a product called Veraet (WristClean) as he knew I was looking for a product other than soap and water, for my vintage collection of Seiko's as well as my GMT II Rolex.  Am I glad I did.  The ease in which it cleans and the job it performs, in my opinion cannot be matches!  I also ordered some of the Veraet microfiber cloths, and again find them to be of the finest quality in the market today, and believe me I have looked at many.  Thanks Veraet for providing a first class and very reasonably priced product." -Doug Thom, Anola/Manitoba Canada