How to Clean Watches


Water-resistant vs watches that are not water-resistant:

  • For watches that are water-resistant, you can spray or foam your watch directly with WristClean’s Watch Cleaner.
  • For watches that are NOT water-resistant, you can spray or foam your microfiber cloth and wipe your watch surfaces, instead of spraying or foaming your watch directly.

For watches that are water-resistant:

  • Spray or Foam Your Watch
    • Spray or foam the exterior of your watch first. Foamy sudds act as a “wet lubricant.” Ensure watch cleaner is generously applied to the case, crystal, bracelet, or rubber strap.
    • This step is pivotal prior to using a brush or microfiber to avoid scratching/micro-marring on highly polished surfaces.
  • Massage with your Fingers or Use a Watch Brush
    • Use your fingers to gently massage the exterior of your wristwatch. The formula will gently lift dirt and impurities from the watch surface.
    • Use a brush if necessary to clean your watch crevices of impurities. Always wet the brush bristles before use.  If possible, use on highly polished surfaces sparingly and with best judgment.
  • Dry and Wipe Surfaces
    • Rinsing with water is optional and unnecessary, however rinsing with water is preferred to rinse away impurities emulsified by watch cleaner.
    • Use a microfiber cloth to absorb liquid from your watch surface and to dry the majority of your watch.
    • Follow up by using a second microfiber cloth to absorb remaining liquid and to wipe clean your watch’s surfaces.