Shipping & Tracking

WristClean ships worldwide to over 63 countries.

You have the option of choosing USPS or FedEx as a shipping means for your order(s). 

How to track your order: When your order is fulfilled by our shipping department, you will receive an email notice that will contain your tracking number.  You will be able to click on the tracking number link to access a page through USPS or FedEx that will provide additional information regarding the status of your order.  

Please be sure to read information below that pertains to your order:

  • Domestic USA orders:  Both USPS or FedEx will provide tracking information for domestic (USA inbound orders).  First-class USPS does not provide valid tracking and is often inconsistent.  Please select USPS Priority Mail or FedEx to provide accurate, up-to-date tracking information.
  • Worldwide/International orders:  For international orders, you will NOT be provided tracking information for orders shipped via USPS, if you do not opt for shipping insurance and/or delivery confirmation.  In addition, please ensure that you select USPS Priority International or FedEx to receive accurate tracking information.  Otherwise, USPS First Class International will NOT provide accurate tracking information for your order.  In addition, please ensure that your country accepts liquids.  WristClean has attempted delivery to watch owners in Pakistan and Nigeria and orders have been rejected.  Any customs duties/fees that are incurred by local governments are the responsibility of the buyer, not WristClean.  If you have any inquiries, please contact us