Formula Science

WristClean's mission is to produce the best cleaning products on the planet.  Our formulation is among the best in the world.  We align every formula to strictly meet the following requirement:

  • Safely and gently lift and emulsify impurities from surfaces
  • Reduce micro-marring or scratches from occurring when particles are removed from surfaces
  • Preserve surfaces through cleaning and restoring to factory conditions

In 2009, we developed Watch Spray, our proprietary watch cleaner.  Our cleaner is regarded by many manufacturers, organizations, authorized dealers and enthusiasts to be the best watch cleaner in the world.  It is pH-balanced, water-based containing a special trade-secret ingredient to reduce surface friction to reduce scratching, while being gentler on waterproof gaskets.  

Today, WristClean includes several brands.  In addition to the WristClean brand, the WristClean umbrella includes Go-To Spray, Don's Lens & Optics Care, and Dirty Little Diamond.