The WristClean Difference

WristClean's mission is to make premium cleaning and care products for accessories, such as watches, jewelry, sunglasses, optics, etc.  We use only high-end ingredients to reduce dulling, surface friction/scratches, while restoring and preserving materials. 

Founder Don Rothrauff, an avid watch enthusiast, launched WristClean in 2009 from his parent's garage.  Don wanted to create a brand dedicated to keeping watches clean and beautiful.  Today, tens of thousands of customers use WristClean products to care for their watches.  The mission for premium cleaning and care products now includes WristClean's other brands, such as Go-To Spray, Don's Lens & Optics Care, and dirty little diamond.

A Leader in Care Products

Many watch cleaners today are either re-branded jewelry cleaner or generic cleaners with ingredients of dubious origin.  Many jewelry cleaners or generic cleaners include ingredients that are too harsh for watches.  Prolonged use increases the likelihood of dried out and cracked waterproof gaskets, surface dulling, or increased micro-marring/scratches.

WristClean's formulations are specialized, premium and engineered to be high-performance.  86% are made in-house and 100% are made in the USA.