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Watch Care Tips for Late Summer, Early Fall

Watch Care Tips for Late Summer, Early Fall

Pre-statement:  We believe whole heartedly in the fact that an enjoyed watch is a worn watch.  Along with wearing a watch, naturally comes scratches.  However, to reduce the amount of wear one may experience, we point out some helpful tips for our readers.

Rolex Deepsea Polished Case

Seasonally speaking, in the summer months, when people are the most active, the trick is to try and avoid jarring, bumping or sliding your watch into things.  This is true if you’re someone who wears your watch.  Otherwise, drawer dwellers fear not!  In late summer & early fall, however, a new threat emerges – ‘your sleeve.”  The edge of your sleeve can be a threat to any highly-polished watch case.  Certain fibers – wool, cotton, nylon – how the sleeve is knit, the edge – they are all contributing factors to whether the sleeve causes micro-marring or scratches on your wristwatch.  Many watches have highly-polished sides or edges to their cases (such as the Rolex Submariner) and often the high-polished surfaces are in the direction of or the edge of the sleeve.  If you are right-handed, it’s the left side of the watch case.  To best navigate this, you can either practice acceptance or you can follow a few tips below.

  • If wearing a favorite watch with high-polished surfaces, avoid wearing a garment that doesn’t extend past your wristwatch. Avoid anything that extends the sleeve directly to the edge of the watch case.  If so, either roll up the sleeve or avoid wearing altogether.
  • If your garment has a scratchy texture or feel (such as with wool), avoid wearing all together with your watch. You may not accumulate scratches on the side of your watch, but you may on your bezel (especially if there are high-polished surfaces).
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