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Unless you own an automatic, kinetic, or form of self-winding watch, you probably know that your watch battery eventually dies!  Most watch batteries last approximately two years and must be replaced.  And, if you own a Tag Heuer, OMEGA, Breitling or a luxury quartz watch, this service can be expensive.  You may also see batteries advertised for less at stores, such as Walmart, Target, and local jewelry retailers.  An authorized Tag Heuer service center may charge $80 for a battery change, while your local jewelry store can charge $10.  Is the authorized service worth it?

The authorized service center provides the ultimate peace of mind.  The following points may help you decide:

  • If you intend on submerging your watch in water – kitchen sink, shower, swimming or bathing in the ocean in the next two years (while your battery is working) – we advise strongly taking your watch to an authorized service center. While the battery is replaced, the service center can also verify that your waterproof gaskets/seals are intact and working correctly.  Remember to ask for them to do this as well.
  • If the local jeweler also looks at your waterproof gaskets/seals, be sure they have the appropriate parts (gaskets/seals) to use in your watch. They may not be the same and may be a generic version opposed to a thicker, better seals that your watch manufacturer uses.
  • If you take your watch locally and opt for the $10 service, make sure that you trust the person opening the back of your watch to not scratch the case while doing so. Do they have the right tool to open the back? 
  • If you have your watch serviced at an authorized service center, you may also receive a warranty for a period (for example a year). The major advantage of obtaining a warranty for the service performed, is that if you have issues with your watch (such as water entering the case, etc.), the manufacturer will help you fix your watch should you have any issues.  The dealer performing the $10 service likely will not.

Be sure to follow manufacturer guidance and recommendations on servicing schedules.  Use WristClean products to clean and care for your watches in between servicing appointments.

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