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Audemars Piguet Watch


Every year new watch brands emerge and try their luck in the marketplace.  Entrepreneurs wanting to capture some of the billion-dollar industry mock up new designs in hopes of capturing the attention of enthusiasts and their wallets.  The only thing is that startups or young companies often do not have the financial resources to build their watch(es) in house, so they outsource the parts and rely on contract manufacturers.  A dial or case may be designed uniquely, but most parts are most often contracted out to a manufacturer.  These watches are most commonly powered by a Swiss ETA movement or a Japanese Miyota movement.  These same manufacturers make watches for various brands and sometimes a savvy enthusiast can identify watches of the “same family” (those which come from the same contract manufacturer and have similarities in design and parts). 

Before a watch enthusiast purchases a watch, it is important to be mindful of a few things to ensure it’s the best value for their money.

  • A start-up or young watch = poor brand recognition. It is important to realize that while you may find a lot of value in the watch, there is little value on the brand-recognition part.  You may buy the watch for $3,000, but only can sell it for $1,000 (if that).  If you buy a Rolex correctly, you will make money over time (their watches often appreciate over time). 
  • If a startup or young company is asking $2,000-$4,000, there is a high-probability that the watch could cost $500-$1,700 to make. The key is to research and learn about the brand.  Is the company making efforts to promote its brand recognition?  Or, it is a case of a few individuals trying to gain enormous financial rewards by slapping a logo on a mass-produced watch, which is contracted to a manufacturer of 70 other brands?  It is imperative to learn and research the company prior to buying one of their watches.  This will protect your investment.  If you end up purchasing one of their watches, it is helpful upfront to know that you may have little resale value down the road.
  • Compare the watch to at least 3 other well-known brands. Maybe you will be surprised.  Maybe your money will go a lot farther and you will gain features or functionality that you may not have had otherwise. In addition, you could greatly increase the resale/intrinsic value of your wristwatch.

Either way, to clean and preserve the condition of your wristwatch, please visit to learn more about this line’s sole mission to protect your wristwatch.

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