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Introducing the Oris Aquis Pro 4000m

Introducing the Oris Aquis Pro 4000m

The luxury watch industry has done a good job at selling watch enthusiasts and aficionados heavy duty dive watches.  Reality is, most men don’t descend below the ocean surface that far.  In most cases, the utility of the watch isn’t needed more than the design.  A robust dive watch is simply badass for a good number of men.  

Most watch people are aware of the battle between Rolex and Omega over dive watches.  Omega revealed their Ultra Deep (capable of 20,000 feet), which exceeded Rolex’s Deepsea (capable of 12,800 feet).  Soon thereafter, Rolex released the Deepsea Challenge (capable of descending 36,090 feet below the surface).  Now, it may have gotten to the point that the watch is too large to wear.  It’s like wearing a brick on your arm, even if its titanium.  Will it stop people from buying it?  No, probably not.  Wearing a serious dive watch lends a “badass” persona to your image.  Hopefully, we’re all on the side of buying because we enjoy the watch primarily etc.  But, even if you didn’t ask for the image part, there is some legitimate credibility surrounding the fact that it’s simply badass, and therefore it makes you badass by wearing it.

Oris just entered the badass realm.  They just released the Oris Aquis Pro 4000 m (capable of 13,123 feet).  At 49.5 mm, this watch is a solid size.  To give you an idea of comparison, the Rolex Deepsea is 44mm and the Rolex Deepsea Challenge is 50mm.  This Oris watch is larger and has more water-resistance than the Rolex Deepsea.  It’s priced at $6,200 USD.  Made of titanium, featuring an automatic movement with a power reserve of 120 hours or 5 days.  If you enroll in Oris’ program, you can extend to a free 10 year warranty.  This adds another very capable, “badass” dive watch to the market.

For more information on the watch, including it’s innovative (rotation safety system) bezel, please visit Oris for more information.

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