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Introducing the Oris X Bracenet

Introducing the Oris X Bracenet

This new Oris watch features a unique, one of-a-kind dial.  Oris calls it a kaleidoscopic dial involving “green, blue, and white offcuts.”  Colors are warmed, melted, and cooled to produce their design.  The material is then cut and thinned to fit a watch face.  Size is available in both 36.5mm and 43.50 mm and feature an automatic movement. Water-resistance is 1000 feet or 300 meters.  Price is listed at $2,600 USD.

Our first impression:  for anyone looking for originality and an “alive” dial on a sport or ocean watch, this may be it.  It’s attractive, unique dial makes it stand out among the overly popular standard color dive watches e.g. the black dive dials and bezels.  Someone that appreciates this eclectic color array might gravitate to this watch.

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