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Watch Spray Foam 2oz


Watch Spray Foam is a safe and easy to use watch cleaner that helps preserve the factory finish of your watch. Some watch cleaners contain naphtha (a flammable petroleum product), solvents, and alkaline chemicals.  On the contrary, Watch Spray is water-based, pH neutral, Chlorine free, and contains no heavy metals.  It is safe for all metals and crystals, including anti-reflective lens.  Unlike soap, it is also glycerin free ensuring that the finish of your watch is both smooth to the touch and film free.  Enjoy the best and keep your watch beautiful!

  • Safely emulsifies and removes body oils and salts, dirt, and impurities from your watch case and/or bracelet, while bringing out the best in your factory finish
  • Ideal for: 316L/904L grade stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, etc., as well as mineral/sapphire/acrylic watch crystals, including anti-reflective lens
  • Rubber & vinyl surfaces, such as rubber watch straps and bands
  • Eco-friendly and earth friendly
  • Size is 2 oz foam.