Watch Cleaner Foam 50ML

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Quantity: 1 Watch Cleaner Foam

WristClean Watch Cleaner is a state-of-the art, proprietary formula developed by WristClean, made in-house exclusively for watches.  It is made of the finest ingredients that provide the optimal level of lubricity to gently lift dirt and impurities from watch crystals and metals, while reducing micro-marring and scratches and being gentler on water-proof gaskets.  It is engineered to clean and preserve watches long-term.

To the contrary, many watch cleaners today are either re-labeled jewelry cleaners or re-purposed generic cleaners that are too harsh for watches or contain cheap ingredients of dubius origin.  To provide the best optimal care for watches, WristClean’s formulation is pH-balanced, water-based and does NOT include naphtha, solvents, alkaline chemicals, chlorine, glycerin, or heavy metals. 

Our formula is safe for: 

  • all metals (316L/904L grade stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, etc.
  • all crystals (mineral/sapphire/acrylic, including anti-reflective lens)
  • rubber & vinyl surfaces, such as rubber watch straps and bands 

Eco-friendly, non-toxic.  Size is 50ML.  USA Made in-house by WristClean.

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Quantity: 1 Watch Cleaner Foam