WristClean USA Test Program

Style: WristClean Watch Cleaner and Everyday Cloth

WristClean now has a fun opportunity for watch enthusiasts and owners who live in the United States to test its products.  You can select WristClean Watch Cleaner, Rubber Strap Care, or Leather Strap Care, along with a Everyday Microfiber Cloth for a discounted price of $4.50.  Shipping is free of charge.  A representative will reach out to you approximately 14 days after your order is received to ask for generalized feedback.

You can select either cleaner below:

  • WristClean Watch Cleaner is a state-of-the art, proprietary formula developed by WristClean, made in-house exclusively for watches.  It is made of the finest ingredients that provide the optimal level of lubricity to gently lift dirt and impurities from watch crystals and metals, while reducing micro-marring and scratches and being gentler on water-proof gaskets.  It is engineered to provide clean results, but preserve watches long-term. Size is 1oz.
  • WristClean Rubber Strap Care is a proprietary in-house formula designed to clean and moisturize (feed) rubber straps.  It is ideal for all types of rubber (FKM, vulcanized, silicon, etc.) and helps keep rubber straps from drying out, cracking or discoloring. Size is .5oz.
  • WristClean Leather Strap Care is a special formula for keeping leather watch straps like-new.  This formulation is 120 years old and provides the optimal method to clean and nourish leather straps. Size is .5oz.

Either choice above includes an Everyday Cloth.

Shipping & Returns

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Returns accepted within 90 days, minus shipping cost.

Style: WristClean Watch Cleaner and Everyday Cloth