Essential PLUS Watch Cleaning Kit

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Quantity: 1 Essential Kit

Discover the best in watch care products.  WristClean products clean watches, including all metals and crystals, as well as rubber and leather straps.  Now you can safely emulsify dirt and body oils/salts from the exterior of watches while preserving their factory finish.  Perfect for the watch enthusiast.  Enjoy the best!

Watch Spray safely and gently cleans:

  • 316L/904L grade steel, platinum, gold, titanium, etc.
  • Mineral/sapphire/acrylic watch crystals, including anti-reflective
  • Rubber & vinyl surfaces, such as rubber watch straps and bands
  • Eco-friendly and earth friendly


  • Watch Cleaner 50ML Foam
  • 1 Everyday Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 Essential Super-Soft Brush
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Quantity: 1 Essential Kit