Watch Strap Care Kit

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WristClean's Strap Care Kit is ideal for cleaning and caring for Rubber watch straps and leather watch straps.  Body salts and oils often damage straps when not cared for properly.

  • Clean, Beautify & Preserve Rubber & Leather Straps
  • Postpones Cracking, Discoloration, and Wear
  • Aids in Resisting Damage from Body Salts & Oils
  • Earth-friendly and biodegradable.

Note:  If your band has nylon, polypropylene or polyester stitching it will likely not stain.  If it has cotton, such as a type of wax cotton, it will likely stain.  The best thing to do is to test the stitching in a small spot to determine the results.  It is hard to make a blanket statement given the different types of varied stitching.

Includes:  .5oz Rubber Strap Care, .5oz Leather Strap Care, 1 Super Ultra-Drying Cloth and 1 Ultra-Daily Cloth, 1 Essential Super soft Brush.


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