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Genuine Leather Watch Pad - Suede

Wristwatch Pad - Suede

Experience a luxurious genuine leather Watch Pad to help protect your watch from countertop scratches!  Made of high-quality, authentic leather.  Hand cut and corners are dyed by skilled hands.  Enjoy the rich leather smell of quality!  Wristwatch Pad is the perfect resting place for your high-end watches and jewelry and helps safeguard your valuables from countertop scratches. Too many surfaces are unsafe because they contain materials that can scratch highly polished areas on watches and/or jewelry.  Size is 7.34" x 11".  Please note:  Due to the natural environment, please be aware that the Watch Pad could arrive with minimal blemishes due to the fact that each piece of leather is different.  Cow hides could be marked due to barbed wire or scars.

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