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Rubber Watch Strap Care 2oz.

$3.95 $8.95

WristClean's Rubber is the newest band care product available from WristClean.  It's sole purpose is to help protect your rubber watch strap from wear.  Body salts and oils often damage straps when not cared for properly.

  • Clean, Beautify & Preserve Rubber Straps
  • Postpones Cracking, Discoloration, and Wear
  • Aids in Resisting Damage from Body Salts & Oils
  • Earth-friendly and biodegradable.  2 oz size.

Note:  If your band has nylon, polypropylene or polyester stitching it will likely not stain.  If it has cotton, such as a type of wax cotton, it will likely stain.  The best thing to do is to test the stitching in a small spot to determine the results.  It is hard to make a blanket statement given the different types of varied stitching.