Watch Care

VERAET's WristClean Brand of Superior Watch Care Products

WristClean products clean, beautify, and preserve your wristwatch(es).  Whether you just bought a brand new Rolex or looking to maintain the condition of a family heirloom, only choose the best in watch care.  You can use WristClean products to clean and beautify your watch and properly clean and feed your rubber & leather straps.



Don't Use Soap, Use WristClean Products

Many watch manufacturers recommend soap as a way to clean your watch.  This recommendation is often made because they do not know what else to suggest.  Soap is a generic, go-to response to so many questions pertaining to maintenance.  At one point, soap and water were suggested for cleaning the exterior of automobiles.  That today does not hold true, as the industry has advanced to special car washes that are formulated to work efficiently on emulsifying dirt from paint, while maintaining a neutral, pH balance.  The neutral pH balance will not strip protective wax off a vehicle, while standard soap or dish washing fluid will.  This same principle applies to the watch industry.  VERAET proudly launched the WristClean product collection to provide watch owners a better means of caring for their beloved wristwatches.



Emulsifies Body Oils/salts from Metal & Crystal

Watch Spray was made to gently & safely lift oils and salts from stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, and mineral/sapphire/acrylic crystals (including anti-reflective), revealing a clean and beautiful factory finish.  This water-based formula is easy to use.  Simply spray your watch and rinse with water.  Whether you are heading out to the ocean, spending long hours in the office, or playing a game of tennis, Watch Spray will keep your wristwatch clean and beautiful.

Watch Spray also comes available in a 1oz and 4oz sprayer bottle.  When you are traveling, the 1oz travel kit easily fits in your suitcase for on the on-the-spot cleaning.  For watch collectors and enthusiasts owning many watches, an 8oz refill bottle is also available.


Clean & Feed your Rubber & Leather Straps

Rubber & Leather Care is a two-in-one product, uniquely cleaning and feeding both rubber and leather straps.  This special formula wipes away dirt & body oils/salts, revealing a clean finish.  Properly provides moisturizers to keep your rubber or leather strap supple, making your strap less likely to crack over time.  Gentle formula, non-irritating to skin; contains no parabens; no animal testing was conducted.  Earth friendly and biodegradable.  Great for the avid golfer, ocean diver, or office goer.  Keep the youth in your strap!


When Only the Best Watch Cloths Will Do

Your watch deserves 100% microfiber and pure luxury.  WristClean's HD4 is the next generation watch cloth made to safely wipe the fingerprints and dirt from your watch's surfaces.  Thin and highly effective, HD4 cleans your crystal with an unparalleled clarity.  Watch Drying Cloths are thicker, more absorbent for watch cleaning after an initial rinse with water or spray with Watch Spray.  Luxurious suede will surround your watch and safely extract water without causing scratches.


Soft Bristles to Clean Tight Crevices

WristClean's Watch Brush is ideal for cleaning luxury watches.  Bristles are specially made with soft polyester and are hand tied into a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade Delrin handle.  One row of bristles ensures an excellent ability to clean tight areas.  Much safer and softer than a toothbrush!  Next time a micro-piece of lint/dirt falls between your watch case and bracelet or between your bracelet links, this brush will help you easily remove it.