Louis G Kaufman

Louis Graveraet KaufmanIN MEMORY OF LOUIS GRAVERAET KAUFMAN. VERAET originates from its founder Don Rothrauff’s great great grandfather’s name – Louis Graveraet Kaufman. LGK lived during the Great Depression and is known as “the Father of Branch Banking.” He helped rebuild Chicago after the Great Fire, helped finance the building of the Empire State Building, endowed the first high-school in American history, and assisted in the restructure of General Motors. In addition to being a born leader in his lifetime, he was beloved by people for his kindness, his humility, and his generosity.  LGK had a desire to preserve nature.  He also loved the beauty of the American landscape.  He is responsible for building Granot Loma, a massive estate with 80+ rooms, on Lake Superior in Michigan.  LGK found the natural setting therapeutic and inspiring.  He had brainstormed many of his entrepreneurial ideas while standing on the shores of Lake Superior.  VERAET strives to incorporate the same level of ingenuity, humility, and generosity as its namesake.  


Above:   Louis G. Kaufman's estate Granot Loma on Lake Superior in Michigan, USA.