Founder's Message

At VERAET, we aim to develop luxury-based products with a focus on personal discovery and philanthropy. I am so grateful for the support that we have received since startup.  I want to share on a personal account a few things that have made my life more meaningful and in turn fueled me to focus on the "human spirit" with VERAET.  In 2014, it became clear to me that I hadn't been living my life in a way that honored my life.  At 29 years old, I had some serious life-threatening health issues.  I felt enormously blessed that I survived and recovered without complication.  However, the memory of what I endured will stay with me forever.  





We can choose to renounce darkness and fear, and use our scars – those both physical and emotional – as reminders to re-assess the way in which we live our lives.  For I believe, it is God’s will that we embrace our lives passionately and Explore, Love, and Defend what is truly important to us.

I believe it is our destiny to embrace our challenges and grow as individuals.  It is not about winning or the extent of our success, but rather the challenges and obstacles themselves.  For challenges provide us opportunities to re-discover ourselves.  It is our attitude and our frame of mind that can either breathe air into our sails or extinguish the last of our winds.  In many ways, it is a choice of living, a choice of deciding where to place our life energy and focus.  We can through self-reflection and gratitude lead to a better understanding of the spirit within us.

We are excited about 2015 and what this year may bring.  We hope you will join us in our journey of personal discovery and growth.


Don Rothrauff, Founder/President of VERAET