Brand Ambassadors

Kyle Biller
BMX Rider
Santa Ana, California

Kyle Biller's internal drive leads him to continually push himself against the boundaries of BMX Racing.  It is his passion and his quest for excellence that provide him the confidence to overcome his challenges.  It is that same will to explore that Veraet shares as a brand.
"BMX has been my life as long as I can remember. From learning to ride a 2 wheeler after a school day in kindergarden to training at Camp Woodward between college classes. When I was very young BMX was nothing more than my neighborhood friends and I building jumps and riding, sun up to sun down. As time passed, backyard ramps weren't giving enough of a thrill as we needed. Racing was the next step, and it didn't take more than a glance at the track to be hooked. From that day on, no sport or activity has had a bigger influence on any part of my life. 

Racing was completely new to me, my hobby on steroids. Bigger jumps, more people, and trophies to take home. After a few weeks, everything started to click. As time passed I started getting more out of my bike than the thrills and spills. It was the friends I'd meet and the places we'd travel to because of our bikes. I grew up driving from different bike tracks in my home state, meeting other kids I would compete with and see weekly. As I got older and more into the freestyle aspect of BMX, the drives became flights and the weekly friends grew into lifetime friendships.

BMX is not often accepted such as typical childhood sport through schools and clubs. Without being a structured team sport, I still have gained many of my best traits because of riding. There is never a coach yelling at me to go faster or push harder; I have to progress directly because of my drive and want to succeed. Success in BMX is out for the taking, anyone can have it they just need to go out and take it. This work ethic has gotten me to where I am today in BMX, as well as many other areas of my life."