Sell WristClean Products

Ordering WristClean products:  If you are not yet an Authorized WristClean Dealer and would like to be considered as one, please contact us below.  WristClean is currently interested in expanding its watch care product line to retail outlets that align with its strategic goals.  For stores with a history of superb customer service in the luxury sector and an interest in providing the very best to those who enjoy wristwatches, please inquire below for more information regarding our product line.

Ordering Private Label/co-branding products:  If you are interested in ordering private label or co-branding with WristClean, please contact us below.

Ms. Amy Volpe, Director of Sales
310 Penn St., Suite 102, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 USA
Tel. +1 888 938 0736 ext 703
Fax +1 888 938 0736