Our Story


WristClean, formerly VERAET, was founded in 2009 as the world's first watch and jewelry care line for luxury watches.  The brand itself introduced Watch Spray, a cleaning formula for the exterior of watches.  "Much better than soap, Watch Spray does not cause a buildup of soap/glycerin scum.  The watch crystal, case and bracelet are much silkier to the touch, the natural brilliance of the factory finish is unbelievable."  Many more products were introduced post Watch Spray, such as a variety of high-quality woven microfiber, hand-made brushes (for extremely soft cleaning), leather watch pads/valet trays, a wide variety of formulas for strap care, etc. 

WristClean went on to have international success and orders have shipped to over 65 countries, to remote areas such as Pakistan, Uruguay, New Caledonia. WristClean has also premiered in International Watch Magazine and was sold by the Museum of Watch and Clock Collectors.  The brand itself is perhaps the most trusted in the world when it comes to watch and jewelry care, given its attention to detail and its gentle, safe but effective formulas.

WristClean's founder and CEO - Don Rothrauff, explains:

"I always wanted to use top notch products for my watches.  To me, it's not just about the perceived notion of cleaning dirt from a dirty watch.  It's about restoring it to look like new, relishing in the delightful first days of ownership, breathing life back into your timepiece, but only in a safe and effective way without jeopardizing the factory finish.  I originally wanted to build products for high-end watches, but today, we very much serve the entire watch industry from low to mid to high-range.  Basically, if you have an irreplaceable heirloom or a neglected Timex that's been in your drawer for 30 years, WristClean is the go-to brand.  As we roll out more products for watches, jewelry, sunglasses, etc., we will always produce only the best formulas and products with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back."