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Until 2009, watch dealers and watch enthusiasts relied on harsh jewelry cleaners and household products, including soap and ammonia to clean their wristwatches.  When WristClean introduced Watch Spray, it was a first for the watch community.  It was hard to believe that a dedicated luxury watch cleaner had not been introduced prior, given the Rolex Submariner was introduced in 1953.  The watch world had experienced such achievements in time-keeping abilities, waterproofness, and manufacturing.  It is almost if the finest of watch manufacturers made their works of art to only stop short of preserving their natural beauty.  When asked often by purchasers how to clean their watches, manufacturers responded with "soap," not knowing any better.

Soap was introduced in 2800 B.C. in ancient Babylon. While formulas have changed mostly over time from animal fat to vegetable oils and lyes, the ingredients are still better suited to clean kitchen pans and the human body/hands.  At one point, automotive manufacturers advocated the use of dish-washing detergent for cleaning cars.  It did not take long for owners to realize the negative effects of dish-washing detergent on the exterior of their cars.  Soap was essentially stripping wax off the paint of their vehicles.  Today, there are a broad range of choices in car wash, where most are pH balanced and are specifically formulated for cleaning dirt, contaminates, and environmental fallout off paint without stripping wax or harming the finish.  The same discovery has been growing in the watch world since 2009, as thousands of watch owners experience themselves the vast difference in using Watch Spray vs. soap on their luxury wristwatch.

WristClean's Watch Spray is formulated to gently and safely clean the exterior of watches.  The formula is water-based and contains no oils, lyes, perfumes, dyes, or harmful solvents.  Unlike soap, Watch Spray does not build up scum or film over time between bracelet links and crevices in the watch case.  In fact, the cleaner reveals the natural beauty of the factory finish.  The product was designed to work with all metals, such as stainless steel, platinum, rhodium, gold (yellow/white/rose, etc.), as well as all crystals (mineral, acrylic, sapphire, as well as those with anti-reflective coatings).

For a sample of Watch Spray or any questions, please contact the WristClean team.  The difference is remarkable.


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