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Whether you first purchase a watch or have owned one for years, chances are you are not blind to the black dirt/soot that builds/accumulates between the watch case and/or bracelet links.  No matter how hard you try to keep your watch clean, it will still develop dirt in hard to reach crevices.  Impurities come from your natural body oils and salts (sweat/perspiration), as well as environmental impurities from dirt/earth/mud and water (fresh/salt). 

Choosing the Right Watch Brush

The single most important aspect of a watch brush is the gentleness of its bristles and its non-scratching ability.  A watch brush will help you reach impurities between the crevices in your watch case and/or bracelet.  It is important to have a brush that DOES NOT scratch your watch’s case and/or bracelet.

Why a Toothbrush is Bad for Watch Cleaning

Toothbrush is Bad for Watch CleaningDespite a toothbrush being made gentle enough for teeth cleaning, it is not gentle enough for your watch.  The reality is that the bristles are too stiff for polished metal, even stainless steel and titanium.  Chances are if you own a Breitling, Omega, or sport-model Rolex, your watch has some ruggedness.  Your average Joe will tell you that surely your watch can withstand a toothbrush!  Yes, so can your Land Rover withstand the touch car wash.  However, the sun may reveal micro-marring and swirls in your paint.  Why would you jeopardize the finish of your watch to bristles that are too stiff to begin with?  You’ll likely reach the dirt between the crevices in your watch case and/or bracelet, but you’ll have a dull finish over time.  Even the tooth fairy would be ashamed! 

WristClean’s Watch Brush

WristClean Watch BrushThe brush designed by WristClean is made of pharmaceutical-grade Delrin (for the handle).  The nylon used is ultra-soft and is hand-tied into the handle.  Much safer and more of a gentle alternative than a toothbrush! Enjoy the best! Size is 6.5″ × 1″.

To order, please click here to visit http://www.wristclean.com.

For any questions or assistance, please email info@wristclean.com.

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