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Unless you own an automatic, kinetic, or form of self-winding watch, you probably know that your watch battery eventually dies!  Most watch batteries last approximately two years and must be replaced.  And, if you own a Tag Heuer, OMEGA, Breitling or a luxury quartz watch, this service can be expensive.  You may also see batteries advertised for less at stores, such as Walmart, Target, and local jewelry retailers.  An authorized Tag Heuer service center may charge $80 for a battery change, while your local jewelry store can charge $10.  Is the authorized service worth it?

The authorized service center provides the ultimate peace of mind.  The following points may help you decide:

  • If you intend on submerging your watch in water – kitchen sink, shower, swimming or bathing in the ocean in the next two years (while your battery is working) – we advise strongly taking your watch to an authorized service center. While the battery is replaced, the service center can also verify that your waterproof gaskets/seals are intact and working correctly.  Remember to ask for them to do this as well.
  • If the local jeweler also looks at your waterproof gaskets/seals, be sure they have the appropriate parts (gaskets/seals) to use in your watch. They may not be the same and may be a generic version opposed to a thicker, better seals that your watch manufacturer uses.
  • If you take your watch locally and opt for the $10 service, make sure that you trust the person opening the back of your watch to not scratch the case while doing so. Do they have the right tool to open the back? 
  • If you have your watch serviced at an authorized service center, you may also receive a warranty for a period (for example a year). The major advantage of obtaining a warranty for the service performed, is that if you have issues with your watch (such as water entering the case, etc.), the manufacturer will help you fix your watch should you have any issues.  The dealer performing the $10 service likely will not.

Be sure to follow manufacturer guidance and recommendations on servicing schedules.  Use WristClean products to clean and care for your watches in between servicing appointments.

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Audemars Piguet Watch


Every year new watch brands emerge and try their luck in the marketplace.  Entrepreneurs wanting to capture some of the billion-dollar industry mock up new designs in hopes of capturing the attention of enthusiasts and their wallets.  The only thing is that startups or young companies often do not have the financial resources to build their watch(es) in house, so they outsource the parts and rely on contract manufacturers.  A dial or case may be designed uniquely, but most parts are most often contracted out to a manufacturer.  These watches are most commonly powered by a Swiss ETA movement or a Japanese Miyota movement.  These same manufacturers make watches for various brands and sometimes a savvy enthusiast can identify watches of the “same family” (those which come from the same contract manufacturer and have similarities in design and parts). 

Before a watch enthusiast purchases a watch, it is important to be mindful of a few things to ensure it’s the best value for their money.

  • A start-up or young watch = poor brand recognition. It is important to realize that while you may find a lot of value in the watch, there is little value on the brand-recognition part.  You may buy the watch for $3,000, but only can sell it for $1,000 (if that).  If you buy a Rolex correctly, you will make money over time (their watches often appreciate over time). 
  • If a startup or young company is asking $2,000-$4,000, there is a high-probability that the watch could cost $500-$1,700 to make. The key is to research and learn about the brand.  Is the company making efforts to promote its brand recognition?  Or, it is a case of a few individuals trying to gain enormous financial rewards by slapping a logo on a mass-produced watch, which is contracted to a manufacturer of 70 other brands?  It is imperative to learn and research the company prior to buying one of their watches.  This will protect your investment.  If you end up purchasing one of their watches, it is helpful upfront to know that you may have little resale value down the road.
  • Compare the watch to at least 3 other well-known brands. Maybe you will be surprised.  Maybe your money will go a lot farther and you will gain features or functionality that you may not have had otherwise. In addition, you could greatly increase the resale/intrinsic value of your wristwatch.

Either way, to clean and preserve the condition of your wristwatch, please visit WristClean.com to learn more about this line’s sole mission to protect your wristwatch.

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Whether you first purchase a watch or have owned one for years, chances are you are not blind to the black dirt/soot that builds/accumulates between the watch case and/or bracelet links.  No matter how hard you try to keep your watch clean, it will still develop dirt in hard to reach crevices.  Impurities come from your natural body oils and salts (sweat/perspiration), as well as environmental impurities from dirt/earth/mud and water (fresh/salt). 

Choosing the Right Watch Brush

The single most important aspect of a watch brush is the gentleness of its bristles and its non-scratching ability.  A watch brush will help you reach impurities between the crevices in your watch case and/or bracelet.  It is important to have a brush that DOES NOT scratch your watch’s case and/or bracelet.

Why a Toothbrush is Bad for Watch Cleaning

Toothbrush is Bad for Watch CleaningDespite a toothbrush being made gentle enough for teeth cleaning, it is not gentle enough for your watch.  The reality is that the bristles are too stiff for polished metal, even stainless steel and titanium.  Chances are if you own a Breitling, Omega, or sport-model Rolex, your watch has some ruggedness.  Your average Joe will tell you that surely your watch can withstand a toothbrush!  Yes, so can your Land Rover withstand the touch car wash.  However, the sun may reveal micro-marring and swirls in your paint.  Why would you jeopardize the finish of your watch to bristles that are too stiff to begin with?  You’ll likely reach the dirt between the crevices in your watch case and/or bracelet, but you’ll have a dull finish over time.  Even the tooth fairy would be ashamed! 

WristClean’s Watch Brush

WristClean Watch BrushThe brush designed by WristClean is made of pharmaceutical-grade Delrin (for the handle).  The nylon used is ultra-soft and is hand-tied into the handle.  Much safer and more of a gentle alternative than a toothbrush! Enjoy the best! Size is 6.5″ × 1″.

To order, please click here to visit http://www.wristclean.com.

For any questions or assistance, please email info@wristclean.com.

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If you are looking for a cloth that can be used to dry your watch and wipe off fingerprints and smears without scratching, WristClean cloths are the very best.  Not all microfiber and material are the same and some are quite frankly, cheaply made.  WristClean is dedicated to superior watch care and only offers high-quality watch cloths.  Whether you are cleaning a Timex or a Rolex, your watch deserves the very best.

WristClean Watch Cloths

WristClean’s HD5

For Use:  Everyday, Between Bathing Your Watch, Wipes Away Fingerprints/Dirt/Oils/Salts/Impurities

WristClean’s Watch Cloth HD5 is the ultimate watch cloth.  HD5’s luxury feel and ability to gently wipe off fingerprints, dirt, and impurities from watch surfaces (case and/or bracelet) is unparalleled.  Its super high-quality microfiber is not impregnated with rouge or anything that would alter your watch’s factory finish.  It will NOT scratch highly-polished surfaces. HD5 is recommended for use between cleanings.  The material is thinner, but made of 100% microfiber.

WristClean’s Drying Cloth

For Use:  Occasionally, After Bathing Your Watch, Dries Water from Your Watch Case and/or Bracelet

WristClean’s Drying Cloths are recommended to be used for drying your watch after cleaning with Watch Spray and rinsing with water (if your watch is water-resistant).  The material is thicker than WristClean’s HD5 and feels like suede.  Its thicker material is better to absorb water and liquids than the HD5.

Which Cloth Should I Use?

Though both cloths have different intended uses during the watch cleaning process, either cloth can be utilized entirely.  It can be a matter of preference and desirability.  Some customers prefer to use the HD5 exclusively – for both drying and removing fingerprints in between cleanings.

For any questions or assistance, please email info@wristclean.com.

To order, please click here to visit http://www.wristclean.com.

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The Problem

To ensure that your watch’s appearance looks the best in years to come, it is recommended that you clean and care for your watch on a routine basis.  If you want your watch to look like-new, it is imperative that you make watch care a priority. Otherwise, the condition of your watch will degrade over time and you will have a watch that looks less than desirable.  Oils and salts from your body, body care products, environmental impurities all contribute to build up between the watch case and/or bracelet links.  A duration of neglect leads to dull finishes and dirt and grime that are difficult to remove.

The Solution

The best care you can give your watch is to clean it often and to preserve your investment.  WristClean’s Watch Spray is a formula designed to safely and gently emulsify dirt and body oils/salts from your watch’s surfaces.  It is safe for all metals and crystals, including mineral, acrylic, sapphire, and crystals with anti-reflective coatings.  When you wear your watch, it will accumulate dirt from your body, as well as environmental impurities from earth, mud, water (fresh/salt).  By routinely riding your watch of these impurities and revealing its natural finish, your watch will stay beautiful.  As mentioned previously, it’s the neglected watch, the watch that has not been cleaned in a while that gradually becomes more difficult to clean over time.

It is best to clean your watch with WristClean’s Watch Spray at least once a week, if not more often.  It is recommended to clean your watch after rigorous activities as well.  This will greatly help keep the finish of your watch like-new.  It is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended advice on maintaining your watch’s gaskets and water seals to ensure they are still effective and work to keep liquids (water, Watch Spray, etc.) from entering your watch case.

For steps on cleaning your watch with Watch Spray, please visit https://www.wristclean.com/pages/getting-started

To order Watch Spray, please visit https://www.wristclean.com/collections/wrist-clean

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You’ve probably heard the terms “water-proof” and “water-resistance” thrown around quite a bit in the watch community.  We wanted to clarify on both terms.

Watch Water-resistance

On the back of a watch, you may notice the term “water-resistant” quite a bit.  It will often be inscribed in the watch case “water-resistant to 200m.”  This means that your watch will be fine in water up to 200m deep, meaning it will resist water from entering the watch case up to that limit.  Anything deeper than 200m may lead to water penetrating the valves and safety gaskets of the watch case.  “Waterproof” infers that the watch is impervious to water, meaning water can’t penetrate the watch case or leak inside.  This term is not a good adjective for a wristwatch.  A watch is vulnerable in the water and needs to be regularly checked to ensure that its gaskets and seals are functioning properly.  Even so, there may be limits on how deep your watch can function without water entering the case.  Manufacturers utilize the term “water-resistance” to note this vulnerability.

Watch manufacturers and engineers know that as you descend depths below the surface, pressure builds inside the watch case, as well as helium gases.  This can be dangerous to your watch because the pressure can blow out the watch crystal.  Some OMEGA Seamaster 300M models are equipped with a helium escape valve to help divers release helium gas molecules from the watch, to keep this from happening.  Another example of manufacturer engineering to help repel water is the Rolex Submariner’s crown.  The Rolex Submariner is 1,000 feet or 300m water-resistant and has an O-ring on the crown, allowing for a super tight screw-in crown.  Thus, the Rolex Submariner does not need to have a helium escape valve because of its sophisticated, super-tight, screw-in crown, which resembles a submarine-type hatch.

To ensure that your watch remain properly water-resistant, we recommend following your watch manufacturer’s instructions/recommendations on servicing.  This will give you better peace of mind before you embark on your next swim or dive.

WristClean also recommends using its superior watch care product line to properly care for the exterior of your watch.  Watch Spray is a formula designed to safely and gently clean your watch of body oils/salts and environmental impurities.  This cleaner is a better alternative to soap and will help you keep your watch clean.  For more information, please visit http://www.wristclean.com.

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Once you’ve discovered the right watch to buy or you know what type of watch you are looking for, it is important to know where to buy.  After all, it’s your money!  We have put together some tips and helpful pointers that will save you money and perhaps give you a better piece of mind.

The major thing to understand is what it means to buy from an authorized dealer vs. an unauthorized dealer or secondhand dealer. 

An authorized watch dealer is one who is part of the manufacturer network.  The manufacturer will sell directly to the dealer and in turn the dealer will have authentic watches (directly from the manufacturer).  Authorized dealers also honor the manufacturer’s warranty or rather the manufacturer honors warranties for watches purchased through their dealer network.  Manufacturers also have control/input on discounts and pricing information by their authorized dealer network.  Many Swiss watch manufacturers such as Rolex, Breitling, and OMEGA warn about purchasing watches on the internet because the consumer does not know whether the watch is authentic or has original parts.  You may have heard the phrase that watches purchased on the internet are of “dubious origin” and may have married parts (from various watches.  Some manufacturers forbid their dealers to list prices of their watches online.  They do this to better control their sales and they don’t want you to be confused online.  It is an easier mental break to acknowledge that all new Rolex watches advertised online are from second-hand dealers.  If you want to purchase a new watch from an authorized dealer, you must resort to finding a retail store.  In addition, several manufacturers stand behind warranties of new watches purchased only from authorized dealers.  Any watches purchased by secondary dealers must be covered through that dealer opposed to the manufacturer who makes the watch.

Still, secondary dealers online are in a much better position today than an authorized dealer.  They offer steep discounts to customers, often 20-30%+ off retail.  Some authorized dealers will work with customers, but they have to be careful on what discounts they provide given they are closely watches and monitored by the manufacturer.  New watches seldom need repair and typically, secondary dealers will utilize trained watch personnel to perform repairs.  Today, several online giants have growing reputations online for selling authentic watches at great prices.  In turn, they are able to do $20+ million a year in business.

How do secondary dealers get their new watches?  Some authorized dealers have pressure from manufacturers to sell volume.  In turn, they often sell off inventory at deep discounts to secondary dealers.  Many online secondary dealers in the United States receive their new inventory from authorized dealers overseas.  It is more difficult to track sales that way for manufacturers.  The typical watch buyer is not aware of this arrangement and may only hear that it is bad by the manufacturer to purchase online.  This is an important fact on how both entities work together behind the scenes.  However, to the consumer there is a different front than the arrangement that many of them have behind-the-scenes.

Either way, you as a buyer lean to buy your new watch, we advise checking out the following and ensuring your watch has the following: 

  • Serial number(s)
  • All papers/original box
  • Warranty – who covers this? What are the terms?
  • Inspection – if you purchase your watch online, take your watch to an authorized dealer to have it inspected for authenticity and peace of mind
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Buying a new watch is exciting.  There is something special about a watch.  Maybe it is because you spend most of the day or your life wearing it.  Maybe because it represents an achievement in your life…a child is born, a 10-year anniversary at work.  Either way, there are some key aspects to consider before you make your watch purchase.

New Rolex Watches

  • What type of watch are you looking for and why? If you are intending to buy a watch to wear while working out, you may want a watch that can handle some vibration and jarring.  You may also want a watch that has a rubber strap.  Rubber straps are most suited to cleaning from activities and an accumulation of body oils/salt (from sweating).  Perhaps you would look at a G-shock?  If you are looking for a watch that holds value and is a symbol of class and wealth, you may look at a Rolex or Patek Phillippe.
  • Where to Buy: We are going to cover this in a future post, but want to convey the importance of shopping price.  The biggest reason is that it educates the buyer on the true value of the watch.  There are certain retailers who do not discount, while others provide a 20-30% discount.  There are also authorized resellers and those who are considered “grey-market” dealers.  Please read our post, “Watch Buying:  What to Look for” for more in-depth clarification of this topic.
  • Important characteristics to consider:
    • Watch Dial: You should look at this watch often and we recommend purchasing a dial that appeals to you and could stand the test of time without growing old.  If you rush into your decision (especially on an expensive watch), you are stuck with a dial that you hate or cannot wear on a variety of occasions.
    • Water resistance/water-proof: Typically a watch is resistance to 50 or 100M.  If you intend on bathing with your watch, we recommend at least 50 or 100M.  If you are planning on swimming in the ocean, at least 100M.  If you are planning on scuba diving or engaging in water sports, we recommend a watch that is at least 200-300M. 
    • Crown: This also pertains to water-resistance.  If water-resistance is an important characteristic to you, we recommend pursuing a watch that has a screw-in crown.  Otherwise, if the crown is just push-in, despite the claim of water-resistance by the manufacturer, that feature greatly inhibits a watch’s water-resistance.  A push-in crown is not as secure as a screw-in crown.
    • Uni or bi-directional rotating bezel: A rotating bezel is important if you want to measure time that lapses.  You simply rotate the bezel to the minute-hand and then note the time that’s passed.  You look at the difference and where the minute-hand was and where it is now on the dial.  This is a helpful tool if you are diving and need to measure time in the water.  Perhaps even if you are cooking or playing in the bag yard with your kids.  It is a useful tool if you think you would use it.  This feature is common among Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling, and Omega watches.
    • Watch Crystal: Most scratch-resistant watches are made of sapphire.  If your watch has an acrylic or mineral crystal, you may want to be very careful as to not scratch your watch crystal.  These crystals will scratch.  A sapphire crystal is thicker and is very hard.  Most watch owners only buy watches that feature a sapphire crystal.  It is considered a delight to read the watch face – it is thicker, more luxurious, and often makes the watch dial more transparent or rich in color.
    • Watch Case/Band/Strap: Once you decide whether you want a rubber, leather, or stainless steel (any metal) bracelet, we recommend becoming familiar with those which are quality and those which are not.  If you are seeking a rubber strap, we recommend pursuing a vulcanized strap for the ultimate resistance to weather, impurities, etc.  Quality rubber straps made by Omega, Tag Heuer, or Breitling are vulcanized.  If you buy a leather strap, we advise finding out if the strap is either real leather or PU leather (fake, synthetic).  If you are looking for a stainless-steel bracelet, we advise buying at least a bracelet that is made of 316L grade steel.  This bracelet will resist wear and scratches much better than bracelets made of less quality steel.  Rolex is the only manufacturer to use 904L grade steel for its watches (twice as expensive and used often for industrial purposes).  If you think you may want to interchange bands, you may want to examine whether the manufacturer provides multiple band options or if a third party, such as Rubber B makes attractive options for you.  In the watch world, it is not uncommon to switch and rotate bands over time, such as between rubber and stainless-steel bracelets.

It’s imperative once you’ve landed on the right watch to care for it properly.  WristClean’s Watch Spray is an exceptional watch cleaner, developed for the watch owner.  After wearing your watch, it will accumulate dirt and oils from your body (oils/salts generate), as well as from environmental impurities.  You can learn more about WristClean’s Watch Spray, by visiting our website:


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You can use WristClean’s Watch Spray to clean, beautify, and preserve the exterior condition of your watch.  Daily use exposes your watch to body oils/salts, and environmental impurities from sweat/perspiration, saltwater/freshwater, earth, mud, and dirt.  Over time, your watch’s exterior finish can dull and/or degrade.  It is imperative that a watch is cleaned routinely to ensure the optimal condition of the watch case and/or bracelet over time.  Watch Spray was designed to provide the watch owner the most enjoyment from their watch.  You will be surprised by how clean and factory new your watch case and/or bracelet will look over time. Watch Spray Cleaning a Rolex

WristClean’s Watch Spray is easy to use and is available in a spray bottle.  There are a wide range of sizes available – 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz.  The 1oz and 2oz allow for easier traveling, while the higher volume options provide enough use if you own multiple watches or if you need to refill smaller sizes.

Watch Spray also safely cleans all metals and crystals, including anti-reflective coatings.  More specifically, 316L/904L grade stainless steel, platinum, gold, titanium, as well as mineral/sapphire/acrylic watch crystals.  Watch Spray is also eco-friendly and earth-friendly.

Steps to Easily Clean a Stainless-steel Watch

  • Spray your Watch generously with Watch Spray
  • Utilize a watch brush (if necessary) to clean dirt from difficult areas
  • Rub your fingers over the watch surfaces to spread Watch Spray
  • Rinse with water
  • Dry with a Watch Cloth

For more information or to order, please visit http://www.wristclean.com.

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Until 2009, watch dealers and watch enthusiasts relied on harsh jewelry cleaners and household products, including soap and ammonia to clean their wristwatches.  When WristClean introduced Watch Spray, it was a first for the watch community.  It was hard to believe that a dedicated luxury watch cleaner had not been introduced prior, given the Rolex Submariner was introduced in 1953.  The watch world had experienced such achievements in time-keeping abilities, waterproofness, and manufacturing.  It is almost if the finest of watch manufacturers made their works of art to only stop short of preserving their natural beauty.  When asked often by purchasers how to clean their watches, manufacturers responded with "soap," not knowing any better.

Soap was introduced in 2800 B.C. in ancient Babylon. While formulas have changed mostly over time from animal fat to vegetable oils and lyes, the ingredients are still better suited to clean kitchen pans and the human body/hands.  At one point, automotive manufacturers advocated the use of dish-washing detergent for cleaning cars.  It did not take long for owners to realize the negative effects of dish-washing detergent on the exterior of their cars.  Soap was essentially stripping wax off the paint of their vehicles.  Today, there are a broad range of choices in car wash, where most are pH balanced and are specifically formulated for cleaning dirt, contaminates, and environmental fallout off paint without stripping wax or harming the finish.  The same discovery has been growing in the watch world since 2009, as thousands of watch owners experience themselves the vast difference in using Watch Spray vs. soap on their luxury wristwatch.

WristClean's Watch Spray is formulated to gently and safely clean the exterior of watches.  The formula is water-based and contains no oils, lyes, perfumes, dyes, or harmful solvents.  Unlike soap, Watch Spray does not build up scum or film over time between bracelet links and crevices in the watch case.  In fact, the cleaner reveals the natural beauty of the factory finish.  The product was designed to work with all metals, such as stainless steel, platinum, rhodium, gold (yellow/white/rose, etc.), as well as all crystals (mineral, acrylic, sapphire, as well as those with anti-reflective coatings).

For a sample of Watch Spray or any questions, please contact the WristClean team.  The difference is remarkable.


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In 2009, VERAET introduced the world's first luxury watch care products.  Later in 2014, VERAET re-branded its product line to 'WristClean.'  To this day, VERAET serves as the parent company and holds plans to add to its entrepreneurial projects.

While the WristClean brand has continually improved on its products, including formula enhancements, they are the same products sold under then name VERAET.  Same products.  New name.

For questions, please contact info@veraet.com.

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WristClean's New Headquarters

WristClean is excited to announce its new headquarters (310 Penn Street Center, Suite 102, in historic Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania). The new location is positioned right across the street from the United States Post Office and less than a mile from UPS and FedEx drop locations.

As a further commitment to our worldwide customers, we are better positioned to accommodate our rapid growth and fulfill orders on a more timely basis. Please join us in celebrating this move, as we continue to broaden our product exposure both domestically and abroad.

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